March 2017 Van Conversion Progress

One thing you’ll quickly learn about my husband is that when he gets obsessed about  something… its full steam ahead until he’s done.  😉 So while I go to work during the day, he works on the van and I get to come home to take some updated pics….

First off we started by removing the “tuber dude” (as I like to call him) giving us a blank canvas to work with. This was not easy…. paint remover, acetone, we tried it all… hell, my husband even lit some on fire and melted it to get some of those layers to peel off… Eventually it was gone and it was time to start priming.


Then we had to take it out for a test trip, right?  😉  Any excuse to take her out… and she looks SO much better already!?

Then she got herself a new grille and really started looking sexy..

Next onto the rack and duraliner….

And at the end of the day, she was really looking good….

Quite a change from our $1200 rusty tubing van!?  🙂  A work in progress!








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