Man versus Mouse

Having gotten most of our interior work done on our van these past few weeks, and with family coming to visit soon, we had to take her out for a test spin..  Trying to drive out of snow into warmer weather, we headed East into the grasslands of Southern Colorado. Made it to one of our previously visited stops at Queens SWA in Kiowa County (free overnight camping here folks!) just after dark and settled in for the night.

All was going great until we finally decided to head to bed and turned out the lights…

It started with me feeling like something just tried to bite my arm… so the lights came on and we searched…  Nothing…  so back to bed we go..

Then my husband thinks he feels something on his arm so again the lights go on… and again, we see nothing.. so, back to bed yet again…

Now this time when the lights go dark we HEAR SOMETHING. There is no mistaking it… we have a mouse IN our van!? Having recently watched the Green Mile (yet again) all we’re picturing is the emptying of the storage room trying to find Mr. Jangles… but in the middle of the night, in the dark and pouring rain, from our van!?

So now it’s midnight, we are dead tired and we have a mouse in our fully packed van..

Have I mentioned that my husband is a MacGyver?  He’s one of those guys that you need something done, give him a few minutes to think on it and he’ll tell you the three random items he needs to make it happen!? So here we are and what is his plan? We are going to bait the mouse into a cookie bag and then try to close the bag while he’s in it. We set the bag, turn out the lights and wait..  I kid you not, not 5 minutes later he’s trapped the mouse and is redepositing him outside, just like that.

Man = 1

Mouse = 0

And back to sleep we went..

Thankfully we only had a few other “issues” this trip out but the mouse story was surely worth a share! Simple mistakes of forgetting to pack a few things back in the van (who needs silverware!? pfff) and nothing we can’t tackle before next trip out.





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