Flagler Reservoir SWA, CO Free Camping

You never quite know what you’re going to get when it comes to Colorado State Wildlife Areas, Flagler SWA being a great example. Checking it out in the Colorado Fishing Regulations book before heading over, we found that it was another local spot for free camping and it looked to be a good spot to fish. Apparently, we were a few years too late as we now know that Flagler dried up back in 2014 so the reservoir we were expecting was more like a large puddle so fishing was out of the question.

IMG_4445 (2)

Good part was, it was empty and stayed that way all night. Beautiful spot, nice sites and was at one time some great fishing it seems… We couldn’t do much in nasty weather coming down around us so we did what any seasoned camper does… cook good food!  Who says you can’t have blackened tuna in a van!? 😉

IMG_4453 (2)

We’ll surely be back again when the weather is nicer and hopefully we’ll catch some water in the reservoir next time.. Great free camping site, no hook ups or water, but we’ve got all we need here.



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