Just one wrong turn..

… can lead to some pretty interesting stuff and sometimes, it can lead to, well, other issues…

We have family flying in from New York to visit for a week or so and as we headed into Denver International Airport to pick them up, one wrong turn lead to an interesting little dilemma. Missing our turn for the Arrivals gate, we found ourselves heading into the long term parking with no way to turn around. Of course when the lot attendants go to help us through, we find that we are too tall to make it through the parking garage.

We are directed around by multiple guys, all of who are tough to understand, and we aren’t quite sure where they are sending us. We eventually turn to the concierge at the airport hotel who contacts lot security for us to find us an escort… So we wait, eventually are found by a security truck and are told to “give him a minute” while he drives around to stop traffic on a one way entrance so that we can come through and back out to where we belong..

IMG_4472 (2)

We eventually find our way out and up to the arrivals gate, sadly having left everyone waiting while we find our way out. But hey we got a good story out of it, right? Caldonia and her big head!? 😉



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