Rooftop Tent

Caldonia’s got a new addition! What do you do when you are a couple living with your teenage son in your van? Add a second bedroom! Not only that, huge bonus for being able to sleep 6.5 people on a few overnight trips while family visits…


IMG_4754 (2)
DeWeese Reservoir, Westcliffe, CO


This is how we spent our family get-together… couldn’t get any better than this! We’ve been introducing our grandson to the joys of #vanlife this week. Gotta get ’em when they’re young 😉

IMG_4759 (2)

Did I mention this is all free camping? One of our favorite spots to camp recently, especially if you are looking to fish. Be sure to check out DeWeese Reservoir in Westcliffe, Colorado. At about 8000 feet in elevation, you are sitting up in a valley below a beautiful range and if you were to go directly over those mountains to the the west side of the range you’d be sitting in the Great Sand Dunes over in Mosca, Colorado. Tons of free camping, pit toilets, camp right on the water, can’t recommend this place enough…


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